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Liquorlicence SA is a CAPETOWN based liquor licencing consultancy specializing in liquor licence applications with offices in the following major centres :

- Western Cape area only
- Eastern Cape area only

We render a complete professional and affordable liquor licencing application service.

Apply today for a liquor licence - fast, friendly service guarAnteed!

Who may apply for a liquor licence?

Any person who is not disqualified in terms of current liquor legislation.
Disqualified persons are:
• Persons who served a prison sentence without the option of a fine   in the preceeding 10 years.
• An unrehabilitated insolvent
• A minor

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Do I need a licence?

If you sell liquor a licence is required in terms of the liquor legislation. Failing to register is a criminal offence and the penalties are severe.

The word “sell” is defined in terms of the prevailing liquor legislation as “supply, exchange, offer for sale, display, deliver, supply or dispose of for sale or authorise, direct or allow a sale.


SA Liquor Law

The liquor laws of the Republic of South Africa pertaining to retail sales of liquor is administered by the nine Provincial Liquor Boards.

Distribution is regulated by the National Liquor Authority in Pretoria.